#Artisans and Brooklyn’s own, iR8 (pronounced eye-rate), releases his first single off of his anticipated project, “36 Ways To Paradise.” Produced by Thundaa, “God Complex” is easily a tale of the black man’s plight living in the United States of AmeriKKKa. iR8 highlights the disparities of black and white in a nation that was built off the backs of cheap African labor, which continues to thrive through institutionalized racism. With the use of insightful lyricism, iR8 addresses poverty, incarceration,and harsh living, as well as the white supremacy ideology that is the “god complex.” “God Complex” is a clear-cut listen that is sure to resonate with us.

Listen to iR8 address the “God Complex” below:

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  1. These lyrics speak to me on a different level, I love that yoy are a young man of color who is so conscious ! Keep up the great work!

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