Standing at the address of 1461 Broadway is this shabby, spooky looking establishment by the name of Neptune Hotel. About a month ago, my mami and I walked from the Myrtle Ave-Broadway train station to the Chauncey Street station and passed the hotel. This hotel was built in 1920 and if you’re from Bed Stuy or Bushwick, you’ve passed it plenty of times. The thing that made the hotel stand out this time was a “Long Live the 45th President, Donald Trump” banner hanging from the building. I stopped in my tracks to make sure I was seeing correctly. I had to tap my moms on the shoulder and ask her “do you see this shit?” She responds with “Yeah princess, I walk by this all the time.” Now let’s cue to how this wack ass hotel describes themselves online on their website:

Located east of Williamsburg and a short ride from NYC, Bushwick is home to all kinds of creative types and is quickly developing into an ultra-hip neighborhood with a grungy, artsy appeal.  New dive bars, bodegas, and gallery spaces continue to flourish and are enjoyed by the multi-ethnic population and the many visitors that pour into Bushwick’s converted loft spaces and down-to-earth hotels.

Okay, so Neptune Hotel is CLEARLY aiming for those ghetto-gawking, future gentrifiers to sleep in their dusty ass rooms. Let’s list the gentrification buzz words:

  • “Creative types” – GENTRIFIERS, HIPSTERS
  • “Quickly developing” – GENTRIFICATION.
  • Ultra-hip neighborhood, grungy, artsy appeal – Nobody out here uses the word hip. This is corny ass lingo. “Grungy.” Nobody here calls the hood grungy. The hood is GRIMEY and GRITTY. “Artsy.” Bushwick been had artsy appeal from the mix of black and latinx struggle. Hip Hop and salsa 4eva.
  • “Bars” – there’s a bunch of these shits everywhere on Broadway now that NO ONE needs.
  • “Bodegas” – HOLD UP. STOP. STOP NOW. A pro-Trump establishment needs not to be using this term or boasting of being located to these. Bodegas are LATINX-OWNED establishments. These are the cornerstones of the hood. Butter rolls and the best coffee. Keep your corny ass at those coffee shops. Leave papi alone. K, thx.
  • “Gallery spaces” – These gallery spaces are filled with soulless bourgeois art that yall pretend has some kind of meaning or value. YOUR ART IS BASURA. Cut it out.

Not to mention, their website has this white gentrifier walking past some street art looking like walking settler-colonialism. Neptune Hotel is CLEARLY a WHITE SUPREMACIST establishment boasting about the MULTI-ETHNIC population of a neighborhood to have WHITE NON-NEW YORKERS patron their shabby shack of a hotel. This is Bushwick now. This is a smack in the face to all the oppressed nationalities living in this neighborhood. Imagine just going about your day and seeing a hotel in your hood showing utter support for a white supremacist boldly, while boasting that people like YOU live in the neighborhood.


2017 different for real.


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